5 Ways to Make Your Home’s Landscaping a Gorgeous Winter Wonderland

For busy homeowners, managing your landscape during the summer months is already a daunting project. Now imagine how hard it is during winter, when white and gray are predominant colors, and it’s harder than ever to keep your landscape thriving and healthy.

Fortunately, landscaping experts in Nashville, TN can take all the hard work out of your hands and leave you with a beautiful winter landscape that not only brightens up your property, but maintains the good state of your land as well. There are many ways that your landscape contractors keep your landscape fit and lovely once the cold sets in.

Take advantage of the bark

Come wintertime, deciduous trees shed their leaves. This is no reason to be sad, however, as some trees become even more beautiful when all that’s left are their trunks and bark. Read more from this blog:


Maximizing Design Space for Small-Sized Landscaping in Nashville, TN

Having a small yard shouldn’t be an excuse for you to not give much thought to its appearance. In fact, it should give you all the more motivation to spruce it up so that you can fully maximize the space that you have. In the process, you can even help your yard or lawn look bigger than it actually is, too, further improving the appearance of your property.

With a clear plan and reliable professionals to help execute your ideas, you should be able to achieve a good aesthetic to your home’s exterior in no time. Here are some tips that could help you draw up a nice design for landscaping in Nashville, TN.

Colors for Space

In landscape photographs or paintings, you’ll see that depth of field is a technique commonly used to give the illusion of space. Read more from this blog:

Ways Busy Homeowners Can Ease Their Nashville Landscaping Maintenance

Any landscaping requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty. After all, you wouldn’t want leaves to dry out and branches to fall, creating a mess in your yard, would you? Because maintenance requires considerable time and energy, homeowners with busy schedules are often unable to tend to landscaping needs on a regular basis. There are ways, however, to stay abreast of your maintenance needs in regard to landscaping in Nashville, TN.

Consider Maintenance from the Start

When first contemplating and planning your landscape, think about the cost and time you need to spend on its maintenance. Doing so will help you determine the plants and materials that are most conducive to your available time and money.

5 Crucial Factors in Landscape Design That Deserve Keen Attention

Designing your dream landscape may seem challenging if not daunting, especially if you don’t know where and how to begin. While a landscape designer can guide you through the process, you still have the last say on the project.

Given this, it’s important that you understand the factors involved in creating a landscape design. With a little understanding and the help of your designer, you can turn your dream into a reality.


Every home improvement project must be assigned a purpose. To make your vision clearer, decide on the purpose and the uses for your new landscape. Then, you can determine the types of landscaping and requisite materials needed to fulfill the purpose and usage.

Landscaping Management: What Maintenance Tasks are Often Involved?

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden and lawn can be a challenging part of home management. Keeping up with your landscaping is a tall order especially when you have many personal and professional responsibilities to juggle.

Professional landscaping contractors are valuable support in this arena. Depending on your needs, you may discuss a maintenance contract customized for your property. If you’re wondering if such a setup is worth it, understanding what it takes to manage your landscape can help inform your decision.


This might be one of the most time-consuming operations when it comes to landscape maintenance. Proper mowing is also one of the most important elements of a well-groomed landscape and contributes to the longevity of your turf area. Factors like the height of the cut, the frequency of the cut, and even the growing season are considered for this task.

Pretty as a Picture: Utilizing Landscape Design for a Nashville Garden

Making your house and the patch of land surrounding it look pretty is no easy feat. Sure, you can try doing it all by yourself but be prepared to shed blood, sweat, and tears as you spend a significant part of your life working hard for it to be perfect. Or you can do what most Nashville, TN residents have done these past few years and hire a reputable landscaping company to do the dirty work for you.

Either way, it is important to have a gorgeous landscape design for your garden instead of letting nature takes it course. Though you might be tempted to think that going “au naturel” with your garden is the best decision you’ll ever make, time will only teach you how wrong you are and why you should really consider getting your garden designed and properly landscaped while you still can.

Getting Your Nashville Landscaping Ready for the Hot Summer Season

When summertime arrives, your garden will get more sun than during any other season. This means water is a crucial element to keep your landscape alive. And there are other factors you have to look into to make it as vibrant and appealing as at other times of the year. Here are some tips on getting your Nashville landscape design ready during the hot summer season.

Pick the Right Flowers

Your local nurseries will definitely have some pots of beautiful flowers that can survive the harsh heat, whether they are planted in direct sun or in semi-shaded places. If you don’t want to replant whenever the climate changes, you could look for shrubbery that can thrive not just in the summer heat but also in all four seasons. Some of these flowery plants are aster, dahlia, purple coneflower, dahlia and Moonshine yarrow.

Landscaping Design: Adding More Than Just Aesthetic Value to Your Home

Owning a home is anybody’s dream. Whether it’s the traditional house with the white picket fence, or something that resonates a modern home design, a beautiful front yard or backyard landscape is something a lot of homeowners dream of having. Not only does having a stunning landscape garner compliments from friends and families, it can also add more value to your house. A nice landscape adds about ten percent to the original value of the house. Likewise, a badly made landscape significantly drops down the price of the house.

In the world of real estate, it’s often all about aesthetics. This is where your creativity may come into play. If you like gardening, this could be right up your alley. If you don’t have any background in landscaping, fret not; you can always look for somebody who can help you in creating a design that will best fit your needs while complementing your house’s looks at the same time.

Nashville Customers Can Avail of Specials on Our Landscaping Packages

Acer Landscape Services is now offering specials on some of our landscaping packages to our new customers. These specials are only available to residents living in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas. New customers can choose to get either $100 off a $2000 signed landscape package or $300 off a signed yearly maintenance package of $5000 or more.

All interested parties need to do is take their pick and fill out a form with all the necessary information. The form is available on our website on the Special Offers page. Once we receive your personal details, our team will be in touch to discuss available options. Acer Landscape Services is fully insured, certified and bonded, so customers can be assured that any information they give us will not be shared with anyone else. One of our company’s policies is to treat our customers with respect and value their privacy.