How Outdoor Lights Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Landscaping



Lighting can have a huge impact on the mood and appeal of a room or the exterior of your Nashville home. It’s not just the structures that could be brightened with the use of lighting, however, but even your landscaping.

Many homeowners who are very particular about the appearance of their property make the effort to carefully plan their outside landscape lighting to achieve the best effect. Here are some ways you can improve the appearance of your lawn with simple changes.

Have a Lightbulb Moment

Some light bulbs are more expensive or less energy-efficient. Ideally, you would want to get something that would deliver results without burning holes in your pocket or hiking up your electric bills. Read more from this blog.


Expert #Landscaping Tips for Homeowners: Designing a Backyard Garden

Many experts would agree that a beautiful garden is the result of careful planning and maintenance. Since a #garden is an inherent part of your #home, it’s advisable to observe your property for at least a year and notice the changes throughout different seasons. Read more from this blog:

Landscaping 101: Four Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home’s Garden


Spring is right around the corner, and avid gardeners around Nashville, TN couldn’t be more excited. After all, spring signals the time when plants begin to emerge and breathe new life into the area. Who wouldn’t feel inspired to work on their garden?

Before you start working on your next landscaping project, however, take note that you’ll need to clean up and prepare your garden for the challenges that spring may present. A little extra preparation can go a long way in assuring your garden stays lush and beautiful throughout the rest of the year. With that in mind, here are a few spring cleaning tips you should keep in mind:

Clean Up Debris

First of all, you should grab a rake or leaf blower and get rid of any debris that may have fallen in your garden. Dead leaves and branches may not seem like much, but they can easily attract unwanted pests that may impact the growth of your plants. Read more on this article.

Protect Your Property’s Landscaping in Nashville, TN Even in Winter

Property owners usually find the winter season problematic for a variety of reasons. Apart from it potentially causing damage on property structures like the main house, it can also ruin the aesthetics of the place by covering the lawns and gardens with ice and snow.

For this, Acer Landscape Services is proud to announce that they are once again ready to provide seasonal snow and ice services to preserve your property’s landscaping in Nashville, TN. By contracting with Acer today, you can look forward to having an ice and snow-free property.

Their offer extends not just to residential lawns, sidewalks, and steps, but also to commercial parking lots and loading docks. Our mission is to help you ensure the safety of your staff and clients as they make their way to your property. So aside from keeping your home or office looking good from the outside, you’re also mitigating the risk of being involved in a personal injury.